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HOW TO ORDER A HAIR MINERAL TEST from TEI Labs through Dawn Strohm


Please read below for important information about what is included in your request before placing your order. 

We have tried very hard to be open and transparent regarding the process for Hair Mineral Testing. We do not hide anything about the process or the costs so please read the information below carefully. Please ask, in advance of ordering, if something is unclear or if you have any questions. Thank you!

ordering your first test


The Initial Wellness Plan price is $255 ($245 + $10 processing fee*) and includes the following:


  1. A 45-minute initial consult to get your health history and make sure all steps of the 4-step protocol are well understood. This gives Dawn a foundation to know your individual health history so that can be applied to your test results.

  2. The cost of the hair test (performed by TEI Labs) plus a follow up 45-minute consult with Dawn to review results of the test and to discuss the recommended general treatment plan. If you decide to follow the treatment plan, you will sign a “Wellness Contract” at this time for a 3-month period. Your detailed treatment plan will be written out and emailed to you. During the 3 months, you will have three emails with Dawn to ask any questions you may have during this 3-month period of supplementation. These emails are considered to be similar to an “office visit.”

  3. Recommended supplements, based on your test results, are NOT included in this initial cost.


*The Processing/Shipping fee is added by Shopify. This what they charge Dawn to process the orders. They call it a “shipping fee” even though nothing is actually shipped to you as your HTMA instructions will come by email. It really is a processing fee for the transaction, but they do not list it that way. Please know that although this is listed as a “shipping fee” Dawn has lowered her cost for hair testing by $10 to accommodate this fee. This also applies to the repeat hair test.

Ordering a repeat test

The price is $160 ($150 + $10 processing fee*). Price includes a 45-minute consult to review your results and to provide suggestions to “tweak” your previous treatment plan. Recommended supplements, based on your test results, are not included in this cost. Learn about reordering here. 


  1. Click here to get to the ordering tabs.

  2. Select either Initial Wellness Plan (for first time ordering) or HTMA (for repeat ordering.) Note: when ordering from a cell phone, the repeat HTMA order tab may not show up...but it does show up if using a computer.

  3. Click on Checkout which will take you to the payment page. Please use the EXACT same name to order the test as you are listed in our FB group.

  4. The instructions for cutting your hair and your HTMA Submittal Form will be sent to you by email. Watch for this email from Dawn usually within 2-3 days of ordering.

  5. If you have ordered and paid for the hair test but your financial situation changes, and you cannot follow through with sending in your hair for testing or cannot follow through with having your initial consult with Dawn, please contact Dawn to explain your circumstances. This must be done within 30 days of ordering your test. If you have already sent in your hair or had your initial consult with Dawn or are over 30 days since ordering then no refunds can be offered.


when your email arrives


  1. Read through everything FIRST to be sure you understand the information.

  2. The instructions for completing the form and for preparation/cutting of hair are very clear but if you have questions, post in the group and we can help you. Save this email in case you need to refer to it later for some reason.

  3. You must send in enough hair or else your test will not be performed. See photo provided in your email. If in doubt, snip a little more hair.




  • When completing your HTMA Submittal Form to use the EXACT same name you use in our FB group. If you use a different name, there can be confusion when your results are sent to Dawn and may cause a delay in setting up your consult.

  • If you have dyed hair, you can still do the test but must have a minimum of ten washings since your last color treatment (see more below).

next steps

  • TEI Labs will notify Dawn when your results are completed. This takes “about” 2-3 weeks from the time the lab receives your hair.

  • Dawn will post in the group and tag you when your results are available. She will post available times for your consult. Please watch for and sign up in this post. These consult times will be in CENTRAL TIME so adjust accordingly for your time zone. (Consults are not usually scheduled in the evenings. If working, please choose to schedule a consult during lunch.) If it has been 3 weeks and you have not heard from Dawn about scheduling your consult, please email her so she can check with the lab about your test. 

  • During seasons when many hair tests have been ordered, the time to get a consult with Dawn may take longer than the usual 2-3 weeks.  

  • The other admins in the FB group are not involved in the hair testing process other than to provide you with general information on the overall process as noted here. Please do not private message the admins or ask them in the group when your results will be available. All hair test info from the lab goes directly to Dawn and as mentioned above, she will post in the group when your results are available.


Day of consult


  • Dawn will send you a 1-2 page report by email of your hair test results about 30-60 minutes before your consult. This allows you time to review it and formulate questions to ask when she calls.

  • Dawn will call you at the designated time at the phone number you provided when you ordered your test. Each consult takes about 45-50 minutes but sometimes they do run over.

  • Dawn’s review of your results is VERY detailed so be prepared to take notes or else have someone else take notes, so you can focus on listening. It is your responsibility to keep track of the details from the conversation. Many ladies will write directly on their hair test results so they have notes of what each area means and what was said regarding their specific results.

  • During the consult Dawn will discuss a treatment plan with the general supplements she would recommend based on your results. There is NO obligation to follow her recommended treatment plan. If you decide not to follow the plan, you are still welcome in the group and will still have access to all the info in our group Files.

  • If you decide that you desire to follow Dawn’s recommended plan, she will provide you with a “Wellness Plan” contract by email for services. This contract will provide some general information, the detailed list of mineral balancing supplements, the dosing schedule, and the supplement cost for a 3-month period of time. This 3-month contract will also include three emails with Dawn to ask any questions you may have during this time frame. These emails are considered to be similar to an “office visit.” The Wellness Plan will need to be signed to initiate the contract. Once the contract is signed, the mineral balancing supplements will be ordered by Dawn directly from TEI Labs.

  • The majority of supplements for mineral balancing will come through Dawn but in your contract, she may suggest a few additional supplements which can be purchased on your own or through the Wellevate website. The Wellevate site is only available to our FB group members who live in the US and will automatically provide you with a discount as well as fresh supplements. If not familiar with Wellevate, ask in the group and we can direct you to the website.

  • The mineral balancing supplements that you received through Dawn may be returned in unopened bottles within 30 days of purchase for credit. There will be shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Do not mark the bottles with pen/marker as they cannot be returned. After 30 days no credit can be given.

  • In general, the cost of the mineral balancing supplement can range from $150-$500 with the average being around $300 for a 3-month supply of supplements.


treatment plan


Once you have signed your contract and are a client of Dawn’s, any questions about your specific Mineral Balancing protocol/Supplements should be asked in an email to Dawn.


The admins in the private Facebook group can answer questions regarding Step #1-4 of the protocol, but if you have any specific supplement or detox questions, reactions, etc, you must email Dawn. The admins have no access to your health history, test results or supplement info so they cannot provide advice regarding your specific protocol.


important information


Please note! TEI labs offer several different “Profile” options for hair testing. Dawn receives a Profile I report which is the report that most practitioners trained in hair analysis receive. Once they receive this report, a trained practitioner will spend time to review, interpret and formulate an individualized treatment plan for you.


The Profile I report from TEI Labs includes the 1-2 page report with your graphic results of 36 nutritional and toxic elements, metabolic rate, significant mineral ratios, and toxic/nutritional ratios. **See below for a more detailed explanation of these areas. You will receive by email everything that Dawn receives in this report. She does not hold any information back from you. You get exactly what she gets from TEI labs in a Profile I report. Rest assured that Dawn is a certified holistic practitioner that has been trained to interpret the TEI hair test. In addition, she is skilled regarding the detrimental effects that biotoxins (fungi/mold) can cause to the body so she also takes that into consideration when interpreting your hair test. She spends time reviewing the details of your results and formulating a treatment plan before she consults with you. If you speak to ladies who have had the hair test consult through Dawn, you will know that her review of your results is quite extensive so ladies often will take notes (or have someone else take notes) because you will not remember everything. Dawn gears her interpretation and treatment plan based on her knowledge of BIOTOXIN ILLNESS from breast implants.


  • Nutritional Elements: These elements have been well defined and are considered “essential” for many metabolic and biological functions. These elements include Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, and Sulfur.

  • Toxic Elements: These elements are also referred to as “heavy metals” and are well-known to interfere with biochemical and metabolic functions. These elements include Uranium, Arsenic, Beryllium, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, and Aluminum.

  • Significant Ratios: These are important nutrient ratios that studies show are required for normal biological functions and metabolic activity. These ratios include Calcium/Phosphorous, Sodium/Potassium, Calcium/Potassium, Zinc/Copper, Sodium/Magnesium, Calcium/Magnesium, Iron/Copper

  • Additional Elements: These elements are considered as “possibly” essential and are currently under further studies to better define their requirements and amounts needed. These elements include Germanium, Barium, Bismuth, Rubidium, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum, Thallium, Vanadium, Strontium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, and Zirconium.

  • Nutritional/Toxic Element Ratios: Research has shown that toxic minerals can also produce an antagonistic effect on various essential minerals eventually leading to disturbances in their metabolic utilization. These ratios include Calcium/Lead, Iron/Lead, Iron/Mercury, Selenium/Mercury, Zinc/Cadmium, Zinc/Mercury, Sulfur/Mercury, Sulfur/Cadmium, and Sulfur/Lead.


TEI Labs also offers a Profile II report which some practitioners prefer to get because it gives nutritional information and other details intended to help them interpret the hair test. Some of the info in the report, especially diet info, does not take into consideration the need for a low mycotoxin diet such as the Kaufmann 1 diet and thus creates conflicting information for our breast implant ladies. Dawn does NOT receive this report. TEI also offers Profile III and IV reports. Dawn does not receive those reports. She only receives Profile I.


When you choose to get your hair testing done through Dawn and this group you receive:

  • Complete focus on the 4-step protocol for healing.

  • Research on the role fungi plays in breast implant illness.

  • Support for the 4 steps. Steps #1-3 are free to you through this group. Step #4 is the only step with a cost involved.

  • A practitioner with a natural holistic degree (with personal experience of healing from BII by following this protocol) who has over 10 years experience with Doug Kaufmann at Know the Cause with Biotoxin Illness, many years of clinical experience under a practicing holistic physician and nearly 5 years of interpreting hair tests for ladies with BII who have achieved wellness.

  • If you choose to get your detox/healing advice, hair testing and supplement advice elsewhere, that is fine. We never disparage any other hair testing practitioners, but we do advise you to please do your due diligence to be sure the practitioner has a high level of experience, especially as it relates to Biotoxin Illness from BII.


LAST NOTE: If others are stating you should get the “full report” they are not familiar with Profile I, Profile II, Profile III and IV reports from TEI Labs. Dawn has always provided the FULL Profile I report that she receives from TEI Labs. Although we have addressed this in the past, there are some who are still circulating mis-information about Dawn not providing the “full report.”


hair dye & HTMA 

Hair color, dyes, and tints do not affect the HTMA (Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis) because they contain chemicals, not minerals, but it’s best to wash the hair at least once after applying a tint, dye, or color rinse before cutting a hair sample. Bleach, highlights, and perms can alter the structure of the hair. So either sample the hair before a treatment or after you have washed the hair five or more times following a lightening, bleaching, or perming treatment. The hair tends to re-balance after five washings. Since highlights are done on the surface of the hair, you can simply sample a piece of hair that has not been highlighted on the underside of your hair. 


You will find a great deal of disagreement on this subject. After years of working clinically with HMTA and looking at the research, I take a middle ground approach to this. With ten washings out from color or process, we are getting good results. How can I say that? The improving health of our clients is a great indicator.

Disclaimer: These recommendations are based the on personal observation, experience, case studies, and the research of Dawn Strohm NHP. All matters regarding health require medical supervision, including taking of medication or herbs and supplements. Please discuss all recommendations with your doctor. Dawn Strohm NHP expressly disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects arising from the use or application of information contained in this website.