STEP 3: Probiotics and Binders

I would like to take the time to address probiotics. I know there are different opinions on this and I am really not sure why, but here is my take from years of experience working with Biotoxin illness and my training from Doug Kaufmann. I am not a sales rep for any supplement company. I just try to find the best research and knowledge there is to help our patients. Here is the information on Dr. Ohhira's Professional Formula (blue and white box) from the website:

"Each capsule has a propriety organic acid blend made up of citric acid, lactic acid, formic acid, and propriety lactic acid bacteria blend containing 900 million CFU's. When it comes to CFU's (colony forming units in probiotics), MORE is not necessarily better. In addition to quantity we need quality and synergy. Probiotics plus Prebiotics = Synbiotics. What is important is how strong and beneficial are the strains. They need to incorporate many complimentary strains versus just one or two isolated strains. In addition they need to incorporate enzyme activity to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, alleviate toxins and normalize ph balance in the colon. Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics incorporate all of the above and is the reason these probiotics have won BEST SUPPLEMENT OF THE YEAR 5 years in a row from Better Nutrition Magazine."

In other words, Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics are "bio identical" to our body’s needs. Many probiotics, not all, are actually detrimental to our health in the long run because they cause an unbalance in the symbiotic relationships mentioned above. More CFU's is not always a good thing and can actually cause harm.

As for me I prefer to get my probiotics in completely natural form. Raw goat yogurt that is grass fed and antibiotic hormone free is the BEST, because God always does it right. However not everyone lives in an area where this is available for them and in my opinion for the reasons above Dr. Ohhira’s is as close as we can get to natural probiotic activity. To your good health!

More info can be found in this article

9/13/16--Some ladies have questions about the ingredients in Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics and Dawn has responded...

· The carrageenan (seaweed) that is in Dr. Ohhira’s is food grade. The carrageenan that you read about being problematic is degraded carrageenan.

Article on carrageenan,

· The caramel coloring is food based coloring made from beets.

· The amount of mushrooms in this product is minute and fermented for over 5 years (professional formula.) The probiotic activity trumps any small amount of mycotoxins that might be from the mushrooms.


#2 Binders

~Binders such as Psyllium Husks or Activated Charcoal are very helpful when killing off biotoxins (fungi/mold.) The binder will “bind up” the fungal metabolites and other toxins and help to escort them out of the body so they do not recirculate and make us feel even more ill.

~You do not need both products, you only need one binder. Follow label directions and take at bedtime on an empty stomach.

~Recommended brands (can be purchased on our supplement website if you are in the US.)

Psyllium Husk NOW 500mg capsules

Activated Charcoal Integrative Therapeutics 560mg

Remember to drink enough water to support your bodies needs as you’re detoxing. Most ladies find they will get constipated if they do not drink enough water throughout the day. If you’re having that symptom..more water.

If it’s convenient for you, you can find these supplements that is designed just for our group

You will find everything you need for antifungals, probiotics, recommended whey protein, etc. Click on the register tab so your information is saved in the system. Then click on "dispensary" to view the products.

There is no shipping cost on anything over $49 and proceeds from these orders will go to help women in great need.

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