Evidence That Biotoxins Are the Root Cause of Breast Implant Illness

If you have had breathing problems with your implants before or after explant and are still wondering if you are suffering from biotoxin illness then please listen up. As many of you know I recommend Dr. Shoemaker’s VCS (Visual Contrast Sensitivity) test online to determine if you are suffering from biotoxin illness. He is the doctor that has brought attention to “Sick Building Syndrome”, an illness that happens from living or working in a mold infested building. All of us who were sick with our implants were or are a walking “Sick Building”. It was coming from inside of us and causing the biotoxin illness.

Please read this addressing breathing problems.

Dr. Shoemaker writes....”Vasoactiveintestinal peptide is a neuroregulator hormone with receptors in the hypothalamus. This hormone regulates pulmonary artery pressures and inflammatory responses throughout the body. Low VIP levels are almost always present in mold illness patients. THIS LEADS TO UNUSUAL SHORTNESS OF BREATH! He also states repeatedly in his book “Surviving Mold” that it is crucial to eliminate environmental toxins (implants, heavy metals left behind and toxins) and detoxify the mycotoxins in the body (Phase 1 diet, antifungals, probiotic, etc.)

I hope all of you find this as interesting as I did! This VIP is also tied to the lower esophageal sphinceter and can cause inhibition of gastric acid secretion. Could this be the possible connection to the strange choking feeling and GERD that some of us experienced?

This is all just another piece of the puzzle of what was causing us to be so ill. Fungus/Mold that has proliferated through the body has deposited its poisons and become the complicated illness called Biotoxin Illness.

This information was new to me and I wanted to pass it on.

The casing in saline or silicone implants are made up of numerous heavy metals and toxins. The list is extensive, but includes aluminum, lead, arsenic, tin, platinum, uranium, etc., etc. etc. Studies tell us that these heavy metals and toxins are known to attract fungus/mold in the body. With a foreign object in the body in a warm environment these fungi are allowed to proliferate through the body, deposit its poisons and cause a complicated illness known as Biotoxin Illness.

How Do Fungi InjureUs? Disease causing fungi make poisonous by products called “MYCOTOXINS”. One fungi may make several poisonous mycotoxins have been identified. The yeast “Candia albicans” makes the mycotoxin GLIOTOSIN that has been implicated in human disease. What is often overlooked is that several species of fungi make Glitoxin including Aspergillus and Penicillum.


*These are PoisonousChemicals Made by Fungi - Costantini, MD, Fungalgionics Series, 1998

*Thousands Have BeenIdentified - Pohland & Wood, Mycotoxins, Cancer and Health 1991

*They Are Capable ofProducing Illness and Death In Humans and Animals. - Etzel MD, PhD. JAMA jan23,2002

*Most are Immunosuppressive - Council For Agricultural Sciences, No.116, 1989


*Genotoxic - Damages DNA

*Neurotoxic - Damages Nerves

*Nephrotoxic - Damages Kidneys

*Hepatotoxic - Damages Liver

*Cardiotoxic - Damages Heart

*Hematoxic - Poisonous to Blood Stream

*Lymphotoxic - Poisonous to Lymph System

*Dermatotoxic -Poisonous to Skin

*Mutagenic - Cause Changes Genetic Material

*Teratogenic - Damages Developing Embryo

*Tremorgenic - Cause Tremors and Seizures

*Immunosuppressive - Damages Immune System

When you look at the symptoms of breast implant illness that we have listed on explantinfo.com and abundantlifewellnesscenter.org and put the pieces of the puzzle together it is hard to deny what is one of the main causes of illness in women with breast implants. Many of us including myself have found wellness through explant and following the protocol in the files along with hair mineral testing to uncover toxins and heavy metals the implants have left behind.

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