Hair Mineral Testing vs. Blood or Urine

I am going to answer this question in detail because it is an important one. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can answer this partially. They say that they consider the Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis to be superior to testing blood and urine for toxic exposure. HMTA shows exposure to heavy metals dating back over time while the aforementioned blood tests only shows recent exposure.

Essentially the difference between the urine and blood test and the HMTA is HUGE! The HMTA will show what heavy metals exposure you have had at a cellular level while the other tests are essentially just what they much of the heavy metals is in the blood or urine. For instance someone who is poisoned with arsenic will not show any levels in the blood after about a 24 hour period. To check for true arsenic poisoning you must have the Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis.

Also please understand that the relationship to minerals and chronic heavy metal exposure is very important to uncover. There are so many examples that I could give and it does get very complicated but for instance, chronic mercury exposure will begin to cause your zinc levels to be lower. Low zinc over time will cause copper to go high and fungi grows in a copper toxic environment. High tin levels will cause iron to store in the liver that over time causes hidden iron toxicity. Strontium at high levels will cause calcium to become unbound which further depletes magnesium levels and unfortunately stores in the arteries causing future strokes and heart attacks. These are just a few of the reasons it is important to uncover heavy metal exposure at a cellular level through the HMTA

Another...FUNGI grow in a heavy metal environment. Hair testing quite simply gives a much better indicator of overall health. If you have blood testing done, then more than likely IV chelation therapy will be recommended. I for one chose not to do this because IV chelation is very hard on the body. Chelation attempts to quickly detox heavy metals out of the body and this can and does cause severe mineral depletion (and mineral function is already depleted due to the heavy metals, silicone and fungi.) It also further depletes struggling adrenal function. In my humble opinion asking the body to methylate toxins and heavy metals this way is damaging in the long run. Why not detox by creating a state of homeostasis in the body through mineral balancing? Set the stage for a healthier body and let the nature do what it was designed to do. In my clinical practice I have seen this route to detox to be superior to IV chelation.

Additional Info from Dawn on 1/2/18

I am speaking with women who are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on essentially worthless blood tests for BII. In response to the issue of blood tests or hair for toxic levels and mineral function I thought I would give you a quote from Dr. Robert Thompson. He has been peer reviewed as one of the top ten doctors in the nation. He used TEI Labs for years with hundreds of his patients and great success with their health. He also wrote the book I highly recommend "The Calcium Lie 2". Here is his quote " I remind the reader that 95 percent of our body's mineral mass is outside the blood, therefore, the most accurate way to determine body mineral levels is hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), which specifically assesses the whole body's mineral content. I agree that measurement of these levels is imperative for health. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to your mineral levels!" He goes on to say "Mineral dysfunction in the human body begins a cascade of negative effects that have enormous adverse consequences to our health. This process cannot be diagnosed with standard blood tests. It requires a reliable competent lab to conduct an HTMA and experienced practitioner with training in this area. I recommend Trace Elements Inc, the only lab with the correct ratios and databases."

Personally over the years I have found the same. When I worked full time at a clinic I would see the HTMA side by side with blood testing. Our long list of testimonies of health from ladies over the past 3 years is more proof that the HTMA is the standard and TEI Labs testing the gold standard. This is the lab used for our HTMA’s and they are highly reliable and respected.

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