Lyme Disease & Breast Implants

I have been talking to Doug Kaufmann about a Lyme diagnosis in those with breast implants. We have been following breast implant illness for 3 years now and a much higher average of women with implants are being diagnosed with Lyme. Recently I put a post up of a segment of the show where Doug presents the strong correlation between symptoms of Lyme and mold. To put it mildly they are almost identical! Many, if not most of the tests that are being used to diagnose Lyme disease are not proving to be legit (see link below.) Ask yourself "Was I exposed to a tick bite? Did I have a bull’s eye rash? Did I get better or worse on antibiotics?" If you had breast implants ask yourself "Is it mold or is it fungi?" I know what Doug's take on this is as we just discussed it today.

Ladies here is a link to a segment my "boss" Doug Kaufmann did on the relationship between Lyme Disease and Fungus. It is no great mystery to me that so many of you coming through our group have been diagnosed with Lyme and no experience with a bull’s eye rash. The toxins and heavy metals in the implants along with a dark, warm, moist environment create the perfect storm for biotoxin illness to take hold systemically. Yet further proof along with the wonderful testimonies we are getting what the root cause of breast implant illness is. Please read the files for more information on the steps you need to take after explant.

Segment begins at about 18 minutes

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