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Does a MTHFR gene cause health problems and need to be treated??

Well depends on how you look at it? Has anyone taken a look at the many varied opinions and treatments for the MTHFR gene? My education is in this area and I must admit it boggles my mind. There is a great deal of money to be made in genetic testing and treatment of genetic snps. It becomes very confusing and no one seems to agree on treatment. The TRUTH ladies, is that most of us carry a MTHFR gene in some mix or form. In fact 80% of the population can be diagnosed with MTHFR. And MTHFR is not the only genetic snp that causes methylation issues. It just seems to be the "buzz" word these days. There are other methylation snps including COMT, numerous CBS enzyme deficiencies etc. The question for MTHFR is what level and mix of MTHFR do you carry and is that gene expressing? Hair mineral testing interpreted by an educated health care provider will uncover whether that gene is expressing or not.

NOW here is the official stand I have always made in this group and ALWAYS will! Do I as a practitioner overlook MTHFR? No, it is taken in to consideration when the HMTA results come in and it is expressing in a client. But what I ask as I educate you is to take a look at the study of epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of what makes the gene express in the first place and science tells us that is FUNGI. All of you ......everyone in the WORLD is born with some type of methylation snp that can be bothersome if it is triggered. That could be MTHFR, COMT, CBS enzyme deficiencies or the list goes on and on. Have you recently studied the discussions of how to treat all of these deficiencies? Complicated indeed.

In this group I will always direct you towards a lifestyle that will not allow for expression of these genes. This is why we have SO many women getting well that "GET IT". Of course everyone is allowed to deal with their health however they want, but in this group we keep it simple.

1. You had implants that are made of silicone that is known to degrade to FUNGI and heavy metals that attract fungi. Is it any wonder with the science of epigenetics that you might have genes expressing?

2. The files contain the protocol to stop fungi in their track. Starve and KILL!

3 Hair mineral testing to uncover mineral ratio imbalances that are not allowing for proper methylation and heavy metals that attract fungi. The test will also uncover whether you have MTHFR or CBS enzyme deficiencies that are expressing. I said EXPRESSING......remember almost everyone carries some form or the other.

So yes it is your choice how you deal with your health, but in this group our goal is to keep it simple with epigenetics. Make those genes stop expressing.......or you can try to muddle through all the confusing information out there on how to treat them. I like to keep it simple!

*****Please also read this info from Doug Kaufmann titled, “Fungus in Your Gene Pool.”

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