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Overview of Protocol for Biotoxin Illness

The protocol we recommend on this site is for dealing with Biotoxin Illness. The casing in saline or silicone implants are made up of numerous heavy metals and toxins. The list is extensive, but includes aluminum, lead, arsenic, tin, platinum, uranium, etc.

Studies tell us that these heavy metals and toxins are known to attract fungus/mold in the body. Having a foreign object in the body, in a warm environment, these fungi are allowed to proliferate through the body, deposit their poisons that are neurotoxic and cause a complicated illness known as Biotoxin Illness. This can also cause severe mineral imbalances which can cause varying symptoms. Because of this, many women with implants may be diagnosed with illnesses that include:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • MS

  • Lyme

  • Various other Autoimmune diseases.

Symptoms of Biotoxin iIllness include, but are not limited to:

  • fatigue

  • numbness

  • muscle weakness

  • muscle twitching

  • headaches

  • brain fog

  • seizures

  • cardiac arrhythmia

  • unexplained rashes

  • muscle/joint aches and more.

Biotoxin Illness can be difficult to treat at a cellular level because the fungal metabolites are almost identical to our cells. Our immune system has been busy fighting the foreign object in our body and leaves no energy to fight the biotoxins. Because of this constant state of stress, our immune system is depleted and symptoms continue to pile on. There are very directed steps we must take to treat the fungal metabolites, and this is where our page and 4-step protocol comes in!

Our main administrator, Dawn Ryan Strohm, is a Naturopath (see PINNED POST for her qualifications) and has completely healed from Biotoxin Illness caused by her implants. She offers her expertise in this area to other ladies through this FB group.**

We DO NOT offer medical advice in this group. This protocol is based on natural methods to help you heal.

The protocol recommended on this site has 4 steps:

#1 Phase One Low Mycotoxin Diet

  • This diet is low in mold/fungus so the mycotoxins can be starved out of your system.

  • The diet is the most important part of the protocol. If you continue to feed the fungi, it will be a constant up hill battle trying to heal. Nothing else will work well if you are not following the diet.

  • The diet can be found in the files. It is in a Google Doc format so you can open it from any device. There is also a Phase One Recipe document in the files section of our page with yummy recipes.

#2 Anti-Fungal Rotation

  • Prescription anti-fungals often work best, but if your doc will not prescribe you can use natural anti-fungals.

  • Anti-fungals are a very important part of your plan as this will further kill off the mycotoxins in your system.

  • Some physicians are concerned about longer term use of anti-fungals and it’s effect on your liver. In Dawn’s experience she has not had any issues with women having liver problems. If desired, you can have your doctor order a CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel) blood test to check the status of your liver enzymes. Many women see NO change in their liver function tests despite taking long term anti-fungals.

  • The document, “Anti-fungals...How to Treat Biotoxin Illness with Anti-fungal Medications and Natural Anti-fungals” is located in the files section of our page.

#3 Probiotics and Binders

  • Good bacteria must be built up in the gut to help kill the fungal metabolites. Dr. Ohhira’s Professional Probiotic Formula can be very useful for establishing a healthy gut biome and for disrupting biofilms.

  • Binders such as Psyllium Husks or Activated Charcoal can be taken at bedtime on an empty stomach to help “bind up” the toxins and fungal metabolites (waste products) and therefore secret them out of the body.

  • The document “Probiotics and Binders to Treat Biotoxin Illness” is located in the files section of our page and provides more info.

  • You can start the 3 steps above at any point in time. You can start with one, two or all steps if desired. Again, step 1 is the MOST important piece if you want to heal at a quicker rate.


Step#4 below is an optional step but will provide valuable information for your recovery, if you opt to have this test done.

Step #4 HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)

  • The most effective way to check both your mineral and heavy metal status is through Hair Analysis. This test reveals thyroid, adrenal, gut status and more. This test is $150 plus $10 shipping and includes a one hour consult to review your results and setup a treatment plan.

  • Several small samples of your hair are snipped and sent to TEI Laboratory for analysis. The lab sends your report to Dawn, our head admin. She will then set up your consult. This plan usually requires a few supplements to help balance your minerals and detox any toxins or heavy metals that are found.

  • The supplements that you will need are unique to you. Not everyone will need the same treatment. These supplements will be recommended by Dawn based on your hair test. The cost can range from approximately $150 to $500 depending upon your needs, with the average around $300 for a 3 month supply. If you agree to the treatment plan Dawn will provide you with a contract for services to explain the costs for 3 months of support. She will also order these for you. There is NO obligation to order.

  • Repeat Hair Analysis is usually recommended for 3-4 months after you have been on your treatment plan to see how things are progressing and to make any “tweaks” in your plan.

  • The document “How to Order a Hair Mineral Test” is located in the Files section of our page and provides detailed instructions on how to order your hair test.

  • The documents, “Why Hair Mineral Testing for the Biotoxin Illness” and “Hair vs Blood/Urine Testing” are located in our Files section of our page and provide more details about hair mineral testing if you need more information.


****Group members can order any supplements for Steps #1-3 at a discounted website set up for you by Dawn. This website offers a 20% discount on recommended products. A portion of these proceeds go into a fund which helps ladies who may be facing financial hardships. See the Files for the link to the SUPPLEMENT WEBSITE.

You are welcome to be in our Facebook group **(Breast Implant Illness 4 Step Protocol)** even if you opt not to follow any of these steps. However, per our page rules we discuss topics related to the 4-step protocol only. Any non protocol advice can actually cause a further imbalance for the ladies here. We ask that you do not share info on other supplements or practitioners you may be going to within the group as our purpose and focus is on the 4-Step Protocol Only. We are NOT a general detox group.

Thank you!

ADDITIONAL INFO! Dawn has a video version of this document where you can listen to an overview of the protocol. To locate the video you can scroll through our page to find it in the Welcome Post. It is found in the first comment of that post. You also can go to the main page of our group and click on ‘Photos’ which is found to the left of the group picture. Then click on Videos and you will see all of Dawn’s videos. Feel free to watch them, there is a wealth of information and we find the ladies who become the most familiar with, and follow the 4- Step protocol to a “T” are the ones who have the most success stories.

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