STEP 4: Why Hair Mineral Testing is Needed for Breast Implant Illness

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Hair Mineral Analysis (HMTA) reveals and explains the cause of many health symptoms related to breast implants and the biotoxin illness that it can create. Your hair can be tested because it is one of the many places the body eliminates minerals and heavy metals. An individual’s mineral levels , ratios of minerals to each other and patterns reveal to the trained practitioner important knowledge about your body chemistry and health conditions. The goal is to correct body chemistry and improve cell functioning for proper methylation/detox.

I have compiled a list of information that we can find in the HMTA to guide a plan for wellness after explant. If you have read the other files you understand that implants are loaded with heavy metals/toxins that allow for mold/fungi to proliferate through the body systemically. Mold/fungi are known to cause the health issues we are uncovering through the HMTA. This is what will be uncovered from a hair mineral test:

1. Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances

2. Clear concise plan to prepare the body for methylation/detox

3. Adrenal Function ( this can be complicated per the individual and should be treated carefully 0

4. Metabolic Rate

5. Possible thyroid dysfunction

6. Possible hormone dysfunction

7. Presence and levels of heavy metals contained in implants

8. Presence and levels of toxins contained in implants

9. Presence of elements and mineral imbalances that allow for mold/fungi to proliferate systemically.

10. Lack of proper enzymes for protein digestion. Protein digestion is important for proper methylation.

11. Hypoglycemia Profile

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Please read the article "How To Order a Hair Mineral Test for BII" for more important information.

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