Breast Implant Illness & Detoxification Process

Breast Implants cause toxicity in the body in several ways and symptoms can vary depending upon type of implants, etc. Most women who suffer from breast implant illness suffer from what is known as “biotoxin illness”. Biotoxins from mold may be in or around the breast implants and at times enter the body systemically. Biotoxins are known neurotoxins and women with implants may be diagnosed with numerous illnesses including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and MS. Symptoms of biotoxin illness include:

* fatigue

* numbness

* weakness

* muscle twitching

* brain fog

* headaches

* seizures

* cardiac arrhythmias

A simple visual test may be used to uncover biotoxin illness and there will need to be some very directed steps taken to recover fully in what I call Phase 1 of the detoxification process from breast implant illness. Phase 1 is perfectly safe to begin before explantation, as it will help to strengthen the immune system.

The next phase begins with hair mineral testing. Without question almost every woman with breast implant illness is at some stage of hypoadrenia. The adrenals are under a great deal of stress as the immune system weakens due to biotoxin illness and heavy metals/chemicals in the implants. Hair mineral testing allows the practitioner to know what stage of hypoadrenia the patient is in and how to treat effectively. For instance if a patient is in severe stages they should not be treated with herbs, as they can overstimulate weak adrenals and cause further deterioration.

Breast Implant Illness as mentioned earlier causes severe stress to the immune system. For this reason most women will also have severe mineral imbalances. These imbalances show up with hair mineral testing and may be treated very inexpensively on a personal basis.

I have found that the first three phases must be dealt with effectively before a patient begins any attempt at a heavy metal detox. Most women with breast implant illness have very weakened immune systems and low adrenal function. Until these are addressed any heavy metal detox will only cause more stress and weakened state.

Heavy metals are also detected through the hair mineral test and plans should be made on an individual basis to safely rid the body of these toxic invaders. Surprisingly, it has been my experience that not all women with breast implant illness have toxic levels of heavy metals. However almost all will need to address biotoxin illness, adrenal function, and mineral imbalances.

In conclusion there are 4 phases of detoxification and healing from breast implant illness.

1.) Treat Biotoxin/Mold Illness ( Visual Testing )

2.) Treat Hypoadrenia ( Hair Mineral Test )

3.) Address Mineral Imbalances ( Hair Mineral Test )

4.) Heavy Metal Detox ( Hair Mineral Test )

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