Breast Implants May Increase Cancer Risk

Hundreds of thousands of women voluntarily opt for breast augmentation surgery. There are many reasons for that, and certainly women perceive the size and shape of their breasts to be a vital component of their femininity. Whether it’s for breast cancer reconstruction, or because you seek the “perfect” body, the addition of something foreign into your body will impact your immune system.

For sure, our society is a little obsessed with bust size.

I wonder if most women would opt for it if they knew they were risking perfect health, and possibly risking their life.

Breast augmentation is the single most common type of cosmetic surgery. In 2015, about 280,000 women underwent voluntary surgery to increase their breast size (not for reconstruction purposes).

The debate of safety has swirled around for decades since the 1960’s when implants were first introduced. Mind you, by 1990, about 1 million women had undergone breast implant surgery, even though at that point there were no conclusive studies to confirm or deny safety. There is still so much conflicting information about breast implants, including the type of implant (i.e., silicone versus saline). The FDA did not even require implant manufacturers to prove their saline implants were safe until the year 2000, when, despite high complication rates, the FDA finally approved saline breast implants for the first time! Silicone gel breast implants were FDA approved for the first time in November 2006.

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