Should I Detox Before Explant???

Should I???

TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018


This question comes up frequently and in our Facebook group you will get a resounding “YES!” Other groups may disagree and we respect their opinions but the 4-Step Detox Protocol is a more natural way of detoxing through nutritional support and mineral balancing. We do not do any heavy chelation type of detox here. Simply put…when we lessen our fungal load and balance our minerals the body can achieve homeostasis and then is able to detox as the body is intended…naturally.

Many ladies decide to wait after explant and that is fine as well. Our main reason for suggesting to start prior to explant is that ladies report they feel better with a lessening of symptoms. This allows them to enter surgery healthier and this can lead to an easier recovery period.

For the ladies who have started the 4-Step Protocol prior to explant, there are several ways to begin:

  • Start with Step #1 of the Protocol which is the Phase 1 Diet.

  • Start Steps #1-3 (Diet, Antifungals, Probiotic/Binder) We do not recommend doing just Steps 1 and 2 because when on antifungals it’s important too also take the probiotic/binder.

  • Start Steps #1-4 (Diet, Antifungals, Probiotic/Binder and Hair Test)

The decision as to how many steps to implement depends on how far from explant you might be. If you are only 1-2 weeks from explant, you will only be able to start Step #1 while ladies who are many months from explant would have time to start additional steps. If unsure of the path to take, please post in the group and we can guide you further.

Below is a sampling of ladies who started prior to explant. We thought their testimonies might be helpful to you as you make your decision.


I started wading into the protocol in March 2017 and didn't explant until January 2018. I started replacing non-compliant Phase 1 items in my diet choices with Phase 1 things that were compliant. I then started taking antifungals about a month later and a bit later did the Hair Mineral testing and started taking the advised vitamins/minerals for the mineral balancing part of the protocol. I started feeling better in about a month after I started doing the whole 4 Step regimen while I waited my time to explant (for insurance reasons.) Explanting stirred up some stuff and I went backwards a bit... but it was corrected in the next 3-month cycle with the next hair test. Part of the reason I went backwards a bit is that I had to travel for explant and did not eating 100% protocol during the week I was out of town. Also I was not able to take any vitamins and some of the other mineral balancing supplements nor the antifungals for a few weeks prior to explant. Even though I couldn’t take those in the weeks prior to explant, I am pretty convinced I was ahead of the game and pretty much in the best chemical shape I could be before my surgery!


Absolutely start before explant!!! I started with the diet 5 months prior to my surgery and by the time I had my surgery, at least 80% of my autoimmune disorders symptoms were gone. My recovery was a breeze and I started the full protocol a month after my surgery. The diet will take you a loooong way. Good luck.


In my humble...straight talk opinion...starting this protocol and staying the course until explant will help in ways that you cannot imagine. If you live and eat and make choices outside the Phase 1 are simply feeding the beast that is trying to kill you. We are all here to support you. Jump in...both feet.


I started the detox diet six weeks before explant. I have continued to stay on the Phase One diet. This is a way of life now. I was totally debilitated due to the toxic poisoning. I ordered the Hair Mineral Test, conferenced with Dawn at length, learned about the imbalances in my body, and how to improve them. I am grateful for finding this group, and I am indebted to Dawn Ryan Strohm for sharing all her knowledge, and giving me her guided assistance, in helping me to heal. I do not believe I would have recovered without the information, and support, that I received from her and the other admins. Forever grateful!!


I started the protocol a month before explant and just wanted to share that I’m making progress! Thank you Dawn for helping me get right. I know I still have work to do, but I'm so happy I started the protocol first. I started feeling better within a week of starting.

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