Did You Know???

Did You Know?

by Rita Giorgio-Masson

November 12, 2017 ·

Did you know? Breast Implants are incased in a silicone shell. When implanted, the chemicals from that implant begin to leach in a warm body of only 98.6 degrees.

GET THIS! When the body becomes heated above 98.6 , the silicone shell further releases a compelling amount of toxic chemicals throughout your body.

If you have Breast Implants and you exercise into a sweat, soak in a hot bath, go into a sauna, or sunbathe, your Implants are bleeding poisons even further.

Did you know, the same silicone used to make mattresses had been used to make PIP (Poli implant prothese) which were now in the bodies of 500,000 women worldwide? These devices were approved, just like the same devices today, approved by the FDA. In truth, any verification of safety claims made by the manufacturers are likely none other than wishful thinking. If the regulators did as they should, the Breast Implant Industry would shut down. Can you see through the lies?

To date, women continue to become ill from their breast implants. The idea there are safer , newer, improved Breast Implants is simply a fairytale. Silicone is NOT inert!

Know the cause . You're not alone. It's your Breast Implants.

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-Rita Masson

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