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To see the list of Allowed Foods for the Kaufmann Phase 1 diet click here.

Frequently asked questions for the Kaufmann1 diet

Q: “I’m new, where do I start with the Kaufman1 (Phase 1) diet”

First, take a deep breath :-)

Initially, this may seem overwhelming. Once you work the changes into your every day life, it does get easier.

Some tips on how to start.

  • Take a look at the list and go through your fridge/freezer/pantry and read labels for ingredients on the “excluded” list. It might be helpful to tag those foods with masking tape or a sticky, so you know those are foods to avoid & replace with something from the approved list, or those can be foods for other household members not on the diet.

  • Replace excluded items with approved foods as you run out. This can help with the transition so you don’t feel like you had to give up everything at once, which can be overwhelming.

  • Or, start cold turkey and toss all the excluded items from their kitchen (this is usually cost prohibitive).

Remember whatever method you come up with, is your method. Everyone has what works for them. :-)

The ultimate goal is to be completely on the Phase 1 diet to get the best benefit for healing. The sooner you can get there, the better for your health.

Q: “Is the Phase 1 diet intended to be low carb, keto, Paleo (or any other diet out there)? “

No, the intent of Phase 1 diet is to eat foods low in mycotoxins (fungi).

The items on the list have been thoroughly researched and are tried and true to help ladies become healthy. However, you can CHOOSE to use the foods on the Phase 1 diet to fit in a low carb, keto, or Paleo..etc diet if those plans are already working for you. The important thing is to use the Kaufmann 1 diet sheet as your base to choose foods from, then adjust to fit the diet you would like to follow.

“A note on Keto”

In general, Keto is not a good diet for those of you with BII. In the beginning the switch from burning sugar to ketones is very hard on the adrenals.

Many of you already have very compromised adrenals. Even the Keto literature admits that it causes depeletion of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

About half of you are severely depleted in magnesium and potassium already. Some to the point of having heart palps and diagnosed with A-fib.

This can be very dangerous with these minerals that need to be in ratio with one another for good health.

Balancing Minerals are KEY to the state of health.

The other problem with extremely low-carb diets are the fact that they can cause gut-dysbiosis overtime. You can read more about that here.

“A note about Coffee”

If you are working with me and your HTMA has indicated low adrenal function please remember that any sort of stimulant would be a HUGE "no no".

Adrenals will not repair even with the best of support when they are stimulated in any way. This includes coffee.

Coffee is now on the “No” side of the protocol just to make sure it is covered.

For those of you like me who love your coffee, there is a decaf Bulletproof and the good news is that once adrenals are repaired you can have a cup or two a day.

Q: “Why is Bullet proof coffee the only approved brand?”

Coffee beans develop mold due to manufacturing processing.

The Bulletproof process is designed to test for mycotoxin levels in batches of coffee beans.

This helps to produce Bulletproof coffee beans that have low levels of mycotoxins compared to regular coffee. You can read more about bulletproof coffee here.

Q: “Help! I’m loosing too much weight” or “I can’t gain weight”

The initial weight loss change can be a typical response as a person comes off of a high sugar/carbohydrate diet.

It could also be simply the body being less inflamed since most of the excluded foods are high inflammatory foods.

The reasons aren’t always one to one and depend on your situation and health.

Below are some tips on this topic:

  • Make sure you're eating enough *calories* to maintain/gain weight.

  • Try eating more less/frequently and having multiple high caloric snacks (depending on which side of the concern you’re having)

  • Check out the recipes section and see if there are new things you can work in to help round out your daily meals

Before you ask, “Can I eat? ...”

First, check the ingredients against the phase 1 diet allowed foods list.

Downloading the document to your phone is a nice help to refer to when shopping.

The approved and excluded items are clearly listed in the columns by category.

If it’s not on the list, then it’s not approved.

Prepared foods

We don’t keep a list of approved brands or baked goods.

Manufactures change ingredients too often for us to maintain.

Please check the ingredients and verify it’s compliant.

If you find something that fits within the diet, please share it with the group as we’re always excited to expand our choices!

Q: “I cheated, now what?” or “Can I occasionally eat from Phase 2?”

Yes, you can eat from the Phase 2 options but know until you are healed, it may set you back a bit.

For both questions, choose phase 1 approved foods going forward and you will be back to healing again

Q: “Why am I having a reaction to food X?” or “What do I do, food X is causing me issues?”

  • Stop eating it if you’re having issues. Try reintroducing it later after you’ve had time to heal.

  • Everyone will have their own response to foods

  • If you already have allergies to certain food groups, please follow your doctors advice on avoiding those foods.

  • As you start to eat foods less in mycotoxins, the fungi in your body starts to die off. There are different levels of die off reactions that can be any (or all) of the following. Gas, bloating, heartburn, stomach upset. Please see the herxing document in the private Facebook Group files for more information.

  • Avoid or moderate the foods you’re having issues with until you’re further along with healing

  • A food diary can go a long way in identifying the root cause of reactions to foods. You may find its to something completely different, as we’ve found out about drinking alkaline water

Q: “I need more ideas on what to eat/bake/cook” or “I’m bored with the options” or “I can only eat x# of items from the list due to my allergies” “I’m vegan, what can I eat”

  • There are many recipes in the files section of this website or a link at the bottom of the Kaufmann 1 Diet allowed foods list here.

  • Try to mix in new ideas using the phase 1 diet to keep from getting bored

  • As you heal, you may find you can tolerate more foods you were previously allergic to. Please continue to follow your doctors advice as to when it will be safe for you to add those foods back. There is history of several ladies with severe allergies and autoimmune issues around foods that are healing! Be patient.

  • Most recipes can be altered to omit meat for any vegans.

Q:“I’m the only one in my family following the Phase 1 diet, how can I adapt and not break the bank?”

Depending on where you are with your current diet, most recipes can be adjusted to fit without altering for your family.

Some examples are:

  • When cooking meat, set aside a portion for you before you add sauce or other non approved items

  • When making something baked, make a portion for you. For example, when I make lasagna, I use home made tomato sauce + approved spices. I make my portion in a small pyrex container for my portion and layer the “noodles” with spinach. I omit the cheese and cottage cheese and it’s still ends up really good. Like veggie lasagna.

  • Remember, eating healthy helps you become healthy. Junk food is cheap, but long term costs you much more with your health. Shop sales and freeze foods to help them last longer, especially flours and nuts.

Q: “Restaurant/Fast food?”

Eating out risks foods being cooked with ingredients that are not approved, it’s up to you to choose what is best for your situation.

Below are some tips the members made:

  • When eating out, try to choose items where the food is separate. Like a meat choice, with a side of vegetables. You can double the serving of vegetables if you get two sides.

  • Salad with a meat topping is always a good pick. Just ask for no cheese (and whatever else might not be approved. Omit the dressing, or use salsa.

  • Ask for extra lemon wedges to squeeze the salad if the dressing choices are not phase 1 friendly

  • take your own home made ones... lots of times just vinegar and oil but make sure the vinegar is apple cider vinegar.

  • Chicken or other meat without the bun

Q: “When can I move to Phase 2?”

It may be a (long) while before one can introduce Phase 2 foods and it comes down to how healed you are and your symptoms.

Re-Introducing phase 2 foods can flare up mycotoxins in the gut again.

  • Click here for more info on this

  • Scroll down to the different food categories, off to the right side of each item has the phase 1 or 2 listed.


The 4-Step protocol is set up to be as easy to follow as possible.

Since everyone has different resources for water, and what the water in their area is composed of, we can’t specify exactly what type of water to drink.

We recommend regular filtered water.

Avoid alkaline water. Alkaline water will make you sick. More information on this topic can be found on our Breast Implant Illness 4 Step Detox Protocol page.

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