Adrenal Insufficiency and Breast Implant Illness!!

If there is one thing that concerns me in the healing of BII it is the misunderstanding of compromised adrenal function and how it should be treated holistically. I work with many ladies who say they have been treating their adrenals, but with little knowledge of what stage of adrenal insufficiency they are at and what they should be using to heal from this very difficult health issue.

First of all, no one should be attempting to supplement adrenal function without proper testing. Working in clinical practice for years with an Integrative doctor I can tell you that we use to recommend the 24-hour cortisol spit test. The problem with this test is that it only gives us a snapshot of what the cortisol levels are in that time period. Our days are filled with different types of stressors and cortisol may change on a daily basis due to this. Today we consider the gold standard for adrenal testing to be the hair mineral test. Why?....because this testing shows us how the adrenals have been functioning for the time period that hair is growing. In other words, it gives us a larger picture of adrenal function at a purely cellular level.

There are so many questions that can be answered through proper testing and then a supplementation plan can be determined according to the individuals' needs. The questions that a trained practitioner needs answered are very important to the health of the client.

  1. Is the level of adrenal function in the early stages (high cortisol) or later stages (low cortisol)?

  2. If cortisol is low how low is it? This is VERY important to know because over stimulating the adrenals at this point can cause further impairment.

  3. What are the magnesium levels and the calcium/magnesium ratio?

  4. The goal in this healing process is to get magnesium levels up to 6.5 Mag RBC, but using the wrong magnesium if adrenals are severely compromised can cause further adrenal damage, anxiety and sleep issues.

  5. What are sodium and potassium levels? More importantly what is the sodium/potassium ratio?

  6. What heavy metals, toxins,and fungal overload is onboard that is causing adrenals to be compromised?

As you can see this is not a simple “one answer fits all” health issue. The HTMA is a must and working with a qualified practitioner that understands biotoxin illness is important.

There are basic steps that would apply to ALL who have tested for adrenal malfunction:

  1. No stimulants whatsoever, including coffee, tea, soda, etc.

  2. No heavy workouts. However, slow walking as in a stroll for about 45 minutes a day have proven to help heal adrenals

  3. No low carb diets. This is of great concern to me with those following the Kaufmann diet. It is easy to just eat meat and veggies, but please know that your adrenals need carbs for healing. Please study the recipe file, eat your allowed fruit, nuts and seeds for adrenal health.

  4. Sleep, sleep, sleep! Studies show that adrenal function is impaired in those who stay up too late at night or get less than 7 - 8 hours of sleep. For adrenal healing it is suggested that you go to sleep around 10:00 pm and sleep as late in the morning as possible. The most restorative adrenal sleep happens in those morning hours.

I pray that this article helps many of you! The ladies that have taken this advice while working with me are the ones that are having the best testimonies of wellness. Put very simply breast implants contain silicone that degrades to fungi, heavy metals and other toxins. All of these invaders put a great deal of stress on the human body which depletes adrenal function and mineral ratios so important for health. The 4-Step protocol we recommend was created to deal with all facets of BII. Education for your health is key!

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