Detoxification of Heavy Metals

I often have questions when working with ladies on the 4-step protocol about how to detox from heavy metals left behind by the breast implants, other implants or amalgam fillings. First of all I can tell you that I have worked clinically with this issue and been to many conferences for training on detox. I have seen the ups and the downs, the good and the bad of detoxification practices. If you do not work with an educated healthcare provider on this you may cause more harm to your health than good. I will begin this article with the negatives that I have seen and the reason why I work the way I do with clients who show high levels of heavy metals and toxins on the HTMA test.

In the beginning of my career I was blessed to not only work in a clinic with an Integrative doctor, but I also was able to job shadow with the wonderful medical doctor and author, Dr. Block in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In one of these offices the only detox practice was IV chelation therapy. Very expensive at over $100 an IV, with a series of many IV's needed. I not only found that many patients would become very ill from this, but also had extreme bladder pain during and after the process. For some of these patients the bladder pain remained, as I believe pushing metals through the body so quickly tore the bladder lining off. This is simply my opinion from my experience. I have no scientific research on this. IV chelation is an aggressive detox method and if the client has impaired adrenal function it will cause further damage as it puts a great deal of stress on the body. Minerals and mineral/ratios are important for health and mobilization of metals in your body. IV chelation actually depletes mineral function. Steps for methylation of heavy metals must be taken before any detox plan to prepare the body for optimal success.

Oral chelation is another choice that some healthcare providers use for a detox plan. From experience this is yet another practice that should not be used without clear steps to prepare the body for removing the heavy metals. Again, detox should not be a one size fits all plan for so many reasons and the HTMA will give a clear picture of your needs if you work with a qualified practitioner. Any plan for detox should not cause bladder impairment, extreme detox symptoms, adrenal impairment or depletion of important mineral function for health. Optimizing health, methylation pathways, and nutritional status should all be in place to prepare the body for its detoxifying ability. Once this is done you will begin mobilizing and binding the metals in your body. They will then be excreted through your urine, bile, stool, and sweat.

Plan for Optimizing the Detoxification Process

1. LOWER FUNGAL OVERLOAD! I can't tell you how important this is when beginning any detox protocol. Implants cause systemic fungal overgrowth and this severely impairs the immune system. Optimize your immune system by following the Kaufmann 1 diet. Nutrition! This will enhance your liver's detoxification pathyways.

Steps 2 and 3. OPTIMIZE YOUR GUT FUNCTION! The Kaufman diet is the beginning of this process. Along with this I would take a good probiotic like Dr. Ohira's and a binder at night like psyllium husk or activated charcoal. Rotate antifungal naturals monthly as mentioned in the antifungal blog post.

Step 4. HTMA ( hair mineral testing ) In my opinion this is a very important step in the detoxification process. The HTMA gives a clear picture of the health of the metabolic system and steps can be taken to support this during any detox plan. Do you have a MTHFR snp? Is it expressing? This must also be addressed along with the possibility of a CBS enzyme deficiency expression. Many detox plans are sulfur based and will be disasterous to those carrying a CBS expression, as this snp causes sulfur levels to already go very high. An imbalance between molybdenum and sulfur will trap methylation and the client becomes very ill. A qualified practitioner will know how to balance all of the mineral ratios to open up the very important pathways and mobilize metals out of the body safely.

So, in it's simplicity I believe the best plan for any heavy metal detox is to prepare the body carefully for the process with all the steps above. This process can take a few months and I can't stress enough how important this preparation is. It is accomplished by optimizing your nutritional status and detoxifying ability. Open up the methylation pathways, so the body can do what it needs to naturally instead of stressing it with aggressive detox methods is in my opinion the best guidance for health. Many of our ladies agree after working with us on these steps. Just take a look at our testimony file! Cellular health is a win win for the body to function as God designed it to.

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