STEP 2: Antifungals... How to Treat Biotoxin Illness with Natural Antifungals

STEP 2: Using Antifungals to Treat Breast Implant Related Illness

By Dawn Strohm

Another very important step in treating Biotoxin Illness from Breast Implants is the use of Antifungals. Antifungals can be very effective in treating biotoxins but it MUST be done in conjunctions with following the Kaufmann I, low mycotoxin diet.

Fungal metabolites are difficult to treat because at a cellular level they are almost identical to our cells. The diet is always first in your protocol! Our immune system becomes compromised due to heavy metals in the breast implants and is not efficient at fighting mold/fungus. Mold/Fungus then spreads through the body systemically and deposits its poisons where it may, which then causes a myriad of symptoms we experience with the illness. We must starve it out with the diet, take a quality probiotic and binder daily and take antifungals to assist the process.

These brands of antifungals are recommended for their purity and strength. Not all companies use the most antifungal part of the plant.

* Caprylic Acid (Pure Encapsulations)

* Olive Leaf Extract 500mg (Pure Encapsulations) Do not take this herb if you are diagnosed low blood pressure, as it can slightly lower pressure in some.

* Grapefruit Seed Extract 250mg (Pure Encapsulations)

* Kyolic Reserve Garlic 600mg (Wakunaga)

* Cinnamon Bark 600mg (NOW)

* Super Strength Oreganol ( Gaia Herbs and North American Herb and Spice)

* MCT Oil (NOW)

* Turmeric ( Innate Response )

You may pick any one of these natural antifungals to begin your first month of treatment. However, antifungals must be rotated monthly because the fungal metabolites will get use to an antifungal over time and not be as effective.

For example try Caprylic Acid the first month, Olive Leaf Extract the second month, Grapefruit Seed Extract the third and Oil of Oregano the fourth month, etc. Or you may begin with any antifungal you want and rotate from there!

The protocol should be followed until all symptoms of Biotoxin Illness are gone. The time this takes will vary from patient to patient depending upon their immune system. Honestly, it can take some time to treat Biotoxin Illness. I have seen great improvements in some patients within 3 months and others may take up to a year.

Please note that MCT Oil and Oil of Oregano are powerful anti-fungals. You may want start either of these in your second or third month of anti-fungal rotation.

It’s helpful to have several antifungals on hand at a time in case one ends up being too strong for you at first. That way you can swap to a different one after giving yourself a few days to normalize from the strong symptoms.

For those who may be interested in obtaining a prescription anti fungal, Doug Kaufmann has developed this letter you can take to your physician:

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