STEP 1: The Kaufmann I Diet

STEP 1: The Kaufmann I Diet

This document contains 3 Sections:

SECTION A: is the link to the Kaufmann I Diet Quick Reference Guide which gives you a list of Foods Allowed and Foods Excluded on the Kaufmann I diet

SECTION B: is General Information about the Kaufmann I Diet

SECTION C: is Frequently Asked Questions starting the Kaufmann I Diet


SECTION A: Kaufmann I Diet Quick Reference Guide

Click on the link below. You will be taken to a Google document of Foods Allowed and Foods Excludedthat everyone should be able to access, regardless of what phone or computer type you use. This can be printed out for your refrigerator door and can also be saved to your phone for access when grocery shopping.

Click on this link: Foods Allowed and Not Allowed List


SECTION B: General Information about the Kaufmann I Diet (taken from Know The Cause)

Our FB group and our website support the science that Breast Implant Illness is caused by systemic fungal overload.

Scientific articles and other information can be found:

  1. In our Files of the FB group that you can join and access here.

  2. On our website that you can access here.

Step #1 of our 4-Step protocol focuses on the Kaufmann 1 Diet created by Doug Kaufmann at Know the Cause.

Introduction to the Kaufman I Diet

The Kaufmann 1 diet is a diet that is low in mycotoxins (fungi/mold) so we can starve the fungi in our body.

Fungi and yeasts can become parasitic organisms on and inside our body, causing health problems that can be difficult to diagnose. Often and unknowingly, we feed these parasitic fungi via our diet.

Fungi crave sugar, and if you have a fungal infection, their cravings often become your cravings. Sugar does not simply come in the form of candy, soda and other obvious “junk foods”; the carbohydrates from beans, grains, potatoes, corn and corn products, certain fruits, breads, pasta, alcohol and other staples of the standard American diet are just as effective at feeding a parasitic fungal organism.

When beginning the Kaufmann Diet, some might experience an exacerbation of symptoms, initially, and some might experience flu-like symptoms or other intense discomfort.

This reaction is known as a Herxheimer reaction, and it could be the result of fungal die-off. As fungi begin to die and their poisonous byproducts begin flushing out of your system, it can cause discomfort, symptoms of being sick or an initial worsening of existing problems.

This is temporary, and somewhat ironically, it may be a good sign that you’ve taken the first step towards better health––ridding your body of a health-destroying, parasitic organism.

Still for others, results may not be so quick or so dramatic, especially if you have been eating a “healthy” or “clean” diet and have already eliminated some of the offending foods. For those whose results come more slowly, please give the diet time to work.

Your health problems likely did not develop overnight, and any solution will not likely resolve your problems overnight, either.


SECTION C: Frequently asked questions for the Kaufmann 1 Diet

1. I’m new, where do I start with the diet?

First, take a deep breath :-) Initially, this may seem overwhelming. Once you work the changes into your every day life, it does get easier. Some tips on how to start.

  • Take a look at the list and go through your fridge/freezer/pantry and read labels for ingredients on the “excluded” list. It might be helpful to tag those foods with masking tape or a sticky, so you know those are foods to avoid & replace with something from the approved list, or those can be foods for other household members not on the diet.

  • Replace excluded items with approved foods as you run out. This can help with the transition so you don’t feel like you had to give up everything at once, which can be overwhelming.

  • Start cold turkey and toss all the excluded items from their kitchen (this is usually cost prohibitive).

Remember whatever method you come up with, is yourmethod. Everyone has what works for them. :-) The ultimate goal is to be completely on the Kaufmann 1 Diet to get the best benefit for healing. The sooner you can get there, the better for your health.