Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising From a Breast Implant Capsule: A Case Report and Review of t

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Citation: Patrick J Buchanan, Vinod K Chopra, Kristen L Walker, Ray Rudolph, Richard J Greco; Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising From a Breast Implant Capsule: A Case Report and Review of the Literature, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 38, Issue 7, 13 June 2018, Pages NP 97–NP 102,

Published: 06 April 2018


Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) arising from the breast is an exceedingly rare disease; even more rare is SCC arising from a breast implant capsule. So far, only five cases have been reported in the literature. We present the case of a 65-year-old woman with a remote history of breast augmentation using foam covered silicone implants performed in 1979. In 2010, she presented with progressive enlargement of her left breast with associated pain. Mammographic and sonographic evaluation demonstrated fluid surrounding the implant without evidence of abnormal masses. She subsequently underwent explantation of the silicone implant, capsulectomy, and revision augmentation with a saline implant. Final pathology demonstrated a fibrous pseudocapsule exhibiting squamous metaplasia giving rise to a well-differentiated SCC invading skeletal muscle. A thorough literature review was performed to identify studies with breast implant-derived SCC. Four studies, involving five patients were included. The mean age of reported patients at the time of diagnosis was 59.8 years old. The average time from initial breast augmentation to diagnosis of breast implant capsule SCC was 23.2 years. Two of the five patients eventually expired due to the disease process. Whether or not there is a true association between SCC and breast implants is unknown. Although it is currently deemed a rare finding, it’s believed that chronic inflammation/irritation from the breast implant and transection of the epithelium-lined ducts play a major role in development of the disease process.

Level of Evidence: 5


  • squamous cell carcinoma

  • epithelium

  • metaplasia

  • pain

  • silicones

  • breast

  • breast implants

  • diagnosis

  • hypertrophy

  • pathology

  • augmentation mammoplasty

  • normal saline

  • chronic inflammation

  • expiration, function

  • saline solution

  • joint capsule excision

  • implants

Subject: Breast Surgery

Issue Section: Case Reports

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