How Long Do I Stay on the Protocol for Breast Implant Illness?

I often get asked "how long do I stay on the protocol", or "How long to stay on the Kaufmann 1 Diet?". There is no one answer for every person, but I can generalize for everyone so that it is more understandable.

Are you symptomatic?

First of all, anyone who is still symptomatic should stay on the 4 steps in full. We often have ladies in the group tell us that they went back to their "old" patterns of eating and no supplementation with less than positive consequences. For this reason everyone should stay on the 4 steps until they are asymptomatic.

First steps

Once you feel you are ready, you may begin to add beans and sweet potatoes to see if you have any "fungal" reaction. I would recommend doing this slowly and taking a "watch and see" approach.

Unfortunately, many who have been mold compromised are susceptible to a return of symptoms. For this reason, use your wisdom in your choices. Always think "FUPO"...fungus until proven otherwise.

Keeping the root cause at bay

Knowing that biotoxin illness was the root cause of your symptoms from BII, I would also be sure to always be doing something that is anti fungal. Think of anti fungal supplements, foods, hers, oils, etc and keep them as part of your healthy lifestyle. Yogurt and Dr. Ohira's probiotics to maintain a healthy gut terrain is always optimal.

Staying well

Also, always keep in mind once you are asymptomatic the goal is to stay that way, right?

Mineral balancing and keeping an eye on toxins and heavy metals onboard will always be important for preventative care. For this reason you want to do the hair mineral testing at least once a year, but preferably twice per year. This is just wise, as it give you a plan for supplementation instead of blindly spending money on supplements that may not be advantageous for your health needs.

Clients that follow this plan for health tell me that not only do they stay well, but they feel they are aging backwards.

True cellular health is a plan to stay away from traditional healthcare. I don't know about you, but that is what I want for my life.

And as Doug Kaufmann always says...

"That is just my take!".

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