Confusion on Detoxing For Breast Implant Illness?

Many women who are new to the Facebook groups about breast implant illness (BII) detox may feel confused with all the conflicting messages out there. This is understandable, especially considering the brain fog we often experience with BII.

This website, and our private Facebook group, are dedicated to bringing you a simple protocol that is is grounded in science on the root cause of your illness.

After five years of continued research and working with clients, we now have 37 pages of testimonies from ladies who have found wellness from following "ALL" 4-Steps of this simple protocol.

When considering all the "voices" out there and what path to take, ask yourself these questions as you consider your options:

  1. What articles of research on BII does this plan have to back it?

  2. Does this plan, or health provider, have experience and testimonies, related to their work with BII?

  3. If the plan, or provider, does not mention or understand Biotoxin!!! They simply have no clue of the root cause of BII.

  4. What lifetime experience and training does the health provider have working with biotoxin illness?

  5. What training and experience does the provider have with detection of heavy metals that fungi are attracted to and are they trained to help open up methylation naturally through mineral balancing and detection of methylation snps that might be expressing?

  6. Is support of the metabolic system part of that plan?

  7. Ask for testimonials! Look for someone who has years of training and testimonies of "wellness" from past clients behind them.

Our private Facebook group along with my years of training, working in Integrative Clinics and work for Doug Kaufmann's Know the Cause health show have allowed me to put together a plan that is, and has, worked for dozens of women with BII over the years.

My advice: Spend your money wisely, do your research that we have provided for you, and I truly believe that you will one day be included in the growing pages of testimonies we have in our files.

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