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Do I Need to Do ALL 4 Steps of the Protocol?

Are you still not sure about following all 4 steps of our 4-Step Protocol?

First, please take a look at Martha's testimony - from BEFORE her explant surgery:

I started wading into the protocol in March 2017 and didn't explant until January 2018.

I started replacing non-compliant (Kaufmann) Phase 1 items in my diet choices with (Kaufmann) Phase 1 things that were compliant.

I then started taking antifungals about a month later and a bit later did the Hair Mineral testing and started taking the advised vitamins/minerals for the mineral balancing part of the protocol.

I started feeling better in about a month after I started doing the whole 4 Step regimen while I waited my time to explant (for insurance reasons.)

Explanting stirred up some stuff and I went backwards a bit... but it was corrected in the next 3-month cycle with the next hair test.

Part of the reason I went backwards a bit is that I had to travel for explant and did not eat 100% protocol during the week I was out of town.

Also I was not able to take any vitamins and some of the other mineral balancing supplements nor the antifungals for a few weeks prior to explant.

Even though I couldn’t take those in the weeks prior to explant, I am pretty convinced I was ahead of the game and pretty much in the best chemical shape I could be before my surgery!

This protocol works because it covers fungi from the silicone, biofilms, heavy metals, adrenals and mineral imbalances. ALL of these issues must be addressed with breast implant illness.

All of our testimonials are from women who got in there, did the hard work and followed all 4 steps of the protocol.

Martha, and many others have done it - and so can you!


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