Antibiotics and Breast Implant Illness

Originally published in the Detox with Dawn private Facebook group Nov. 2017

I would like to address antibiotics, as I have worked with a number of ladies this week who have become more ill after taking them.

Personally I have not taken an antibiotic in ten years. The last time I did was when I started my decline with BII.

Now please remember we never recommend you go against doctors orders here, but since I am a naturopath I thought I would just speak to you on how I have gone ten years without them.

First of all it is important to work on a strong immune system. Getting the fungal load down is a HUGE part of this.

Also please realize that antibiotics are one of the most over prescribed drugs in our country. Many many times given for viral infections and not bacterial. This has been proven! Make sure you work with your doctor to prove your issue is bacterial and not viral or fungal in nature.

If you must take an antibiotic then please be sure to take a good probiotic like Dr. Ohhira's along with it.

Here are steps I take that have allowed me to stay antibiotic free for years, but remember this is my experience and you should always discuss with your doctor:

1. Keep the fungal overload down with the Phase 1 diet 2. Many of the antifungal herbs that I take on a daily basis are also antibacterial. YAY! Two for the price of one.

.......stop here, if this is what your pocketbook can afford then this is a good thing, but I also add two more products for my immune system and so do many of my clients.

3. Innate Response Formulas --Vitamin C on the Wellevate site. The added plus is that if you take 3/day it also creates glutathione. Our bodies master antioxidant.

4. Beta Glucan - you can order this from Wellavate also. Nothing like it for the immune system.

What do I do on the rare instance that I start to catch something going around?

I start taking high doses of Collodial Silver. Usually around 4 tablespoons a day. Knocks anything trying to rear it's head very quickly for me.

Some recommend taking Collodial Silver every day. I do not do this, because silver sits under copper and can cause dysregulation. In my opinion it should only be used for acute issues.

There you have it!

Antibiotics are like adding fuel to the fire with biotoxin illness. You need to know that, so do everything you can to stay well.

Keep the immune system strong and if you do get ill ask your doctor if you can try Collodial Silver. The doctor I work with fully complies with me doing this and it has worked every time. Will there be instances where you have to take antibiotics?.......yes possibly, so always discuss this with your doctor.

Blessings, Dawn

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