March "Breast Implant Awareness Month"

Last year, 2018, I was able to contribute to purchasing a month on the National Calendar for Breast Implant Awareness.

Many of you have asked why.

The simple answer is that it gives us a full month for work on getting the message out to a broader audience.

What are our plans for this month?

  1. We have ladies who have agreed to give us video's explaining their journey with breast implants. This will be very helpful to those who are ill and questioning if they should explant.

  2. Our public Facebook page Detox with Dawn 4-Step Protocol will be full of education on this subject

  3. This month I will be traveling to Dallas and Oklahoma City to be interviewed for Know the Cause and Kyle Drew's very popular health radio show.

  4. We are working on getting a podcast up and running for the website. Interviews to be announced.

  5. I will be doing short Facebook videos for our private Facebook group only. If you're in this group, please keep your eyes on the group for these important messages.

Our "Awareness Month" is a work in progress and our hopes are that it grows every year. Any ideas for continued success is welcome.



Dawn Strohm, NHP and founder of the private Facebook group Detox with Dawn 4-Step Protocol.

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