Is There a Test I Can Take for Biotoxin Illness?

We get this question quite often in our private Facebook group: Is there a test I can take for Biotoxin Illness?

Understand the Science First

First, if you do not understand the science behind why your implants made you ill I suggest you read our files in the private Facebook group or read research and scientific reports here.

This article might be helpful to you as a starting place and this article will help you understand the connection between silicone and fungi. This page has some videos you might find helpful as well.

I have also done videos in our private group explaining why this happens and that ladies will be diagnosed with a myriad of disease's that are known to be caused by this complicated issue.

Note: if you're not a member of our private Facebook group that focuses on using a simple 4 Step Protocol to heal can request to join here.

We have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of ladies over the years who get well and shock their doctor' when their health symptoms improve over the course of time with their commitment to this simple 4-Step Protocol.

Holistic Approach

Of course, as a naturopath and holistic group, we do not diagnose or treat disease.

However, the fact is, we see women get well and the proof is in the files of testimonies we started compiling about two years into this journey. Here is one page of testimonials for you and you can see some video testimonials here.

So - Is There a Test for Biotoxin Illness?

Most people like to see test results, but unfortunately there are NO definitive tests for biotoxin illness.

True, some healthcare providers sell stool samples for candida and there is a very expensive blood test that shows only about 3 different types of fungi.

In my opinion these are worthless and a waste of money.

Why?........because there are now over 2 million named fungi. This information is from the studies of Dr. Klinghardt in Sweden.

2 million!!!

More About Fungi

And we all carry some fungi onboard. The problem is when it proliferates systemically.

Fungi is neurotoxic, hematoxic, nephrotoxic, genotoxic, etc. etc. Fungi effects every area of the body except for the teeth. Unfortunately then a diagnosis is made and the medical community is yet to understand this. Although many are and I hear them speak at the many conferences I attend with "Know the Cause".

When thinking of biotoxin illness you must ask yourself: Did I have opportunity for exposure by way of:

  • Breast Implants

  • Moldy home

  • Antibiotic use

  • High mycotoxin diet

  • High alcohol consumption

Breast Implants, no matter the type, are made from silicone that is known to degrade to fungi.


It will take years for the medical community at large to open their eyes to the research that is right in PubMed, although thankfully many forward thinking doctors and naturopaths are. Much of this thanks to the wisdom Doug Kaufmann has brought to their medical conferences.

There is a VCS test that you may find on our website under the Explant Resources tab.

Since fungi are neurotoxic they often times put pressure on the optic nerve and this test can help identify this is happening. Many of our ladies, including me, tell us that their eyesight has been affected. Especially night vision. However you can get a false negative for fungi on this test if the fungi are not affecting the eyes.

By the time ladies with BII, or any of my clients that I work with, come to us they have usually spent thousands on medical treatment and have found no relief. We are here to support a protocol that is designed to deal with biotoxins on a nutritional basis. Not medical!

My thoughts: "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten". At times we must think "out of the box".



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