Mariel Lizano was Crippled by Breast Implants

The question posed to our public Facebook page was this:

What did your doctor tell you that helped you decide to get breast implants?

Mariel had this to say...

After just 30 days of having my saline implants I developed pain on my hands that had never happened before and when I asked the surgeon if it was related to the implants he said no.

A year later I was in treatment for RA and the rheumatologist said to me on my first visit... btw your implants have nothing to do with your condition.

8yrs later my body collapsed in pain I wasn't able to move of the horrible pains...eventually deteriorated more to the extreme that I wasn't able to eat ... in was surviving on a small banana a day because that's all my body had capacity to process.

I had my implants removed 2016 and every day is still a battle trying to regain my health.

Mariel goes on to say....

We need to spread the word. For 8yrs I was treated with rheumatoid arthritis medications and biological injections that only made me sicker.

Now I am trying to recuperate not only from the BII but also from the side effects of those medications that were given to me unnecessarily. If any of the dozen of doctors I consulted would have admitted that my implants were making me sick, I wouldn't gotten this bad. It was only until I read about a case in a health magazine that I realized what I had... and since then I took over my health care because doctors didn't believe it was my implants.

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