Breast Implant Illness and Depression

Many ladies with symptoms of breast implant illness that I work with tell me that they are depressed. I just had a consult with a young mother today who is dealing with this symptom and has found no answer to her depression and anxiety. What could be the cause of this in BII? We know that silicone is degrading to fungi. There are many research articles out there that tie fungi to depression. Why? Fungi are a known neurotoxin and will cross the blood brain barrier. Here is part of an article that Doug Kaufman wrote for "Know the Cause". He addresses depression and what doctor's "in the know" are telling him.

"In 2001, researchers tested 5 commonly used anti-depressant drugs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors-SSRI’s) against Aspergillus fungi. Their findings were published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Therapy. The concluded that “the five SSRIs tested in this study displayed different potencies with respect to both antifungal killing and lag of fungal regrowth.”I believe that sometimes, even depression is caused by parasitic fungi and why not? According to Dr. Janice Moore, certain parasites alter the behavior of their hosts! WE ARE THE HOST when fungus is onboard! The very definition of depression is altered behavior. One-day brain doctors will all know that the exact foods that fuels fungus also fuels depression. Until that day, antidepressant medications will continue to be overprescribed in America and many will be injured.Early this year I met with Oregonian Pharmacist, Dr. Ross Pelton. He and I hit it off immediately, because we share the same core beliefs on depression. Dr Pelton is concerned about prescription antidepressant abuse and is quite vocal about it. But rather than internalizing his concern, he is one man on a mission to teach depressed people the truth about these medications and safe alternatives that he has studied for decades. What do SSRI’s and plant based healing supplements have in common? Yes, they both have antifungal properties."

With this knowledge please be encouraged that life can change. You don't have to live with the damage that breast implants have caused. Take a look at our testimony files. Always ask yourself "what is the cause" and this will be a game changer for your health.

Remember the 4-Steps of the Breast Implant Illness Protocol.

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4. Hair Mineral Testing ( blog post "Why Hair Mineral Testing is Needed for

Breast Implant Illness" )

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