How Poisonous Mycotoxins From Fungi Affect Your Hormones and Emotions!

Now that you know the very real possibility that you have been mold compromised by your implants let's discuss how the mold poisons called mycotoxins can affect your hormones. Mycotoxins are very estrogenic compounds produced by toxigenic molds. As you already know from other articles these mycotoxin poisons can affect you physically in many ways, but they also can affect you mentally, emotionally and psychologically because they alter the balance of your hormones. They are even known to be neurotoxic and will greatly affect your ability for logic and reasoning.

They Psychological Effects of Mycotoxins

Severe Depression


Aggressive Behavior


PMS like symptoms

Peri-menopause or Menopause

Suicidal Thoughts

There is a tendency for mycotoxins to affect females more severely than males. This may possibly be due to the fact that we already possess higher levels of estrogen. Putting implants with heavy metals and silicones in a nice warm environment will allow these extrogenic mycotoxin poisons to cause a type of estrogen dominance like you see in menopause. This is a serious issue and you are not alone. Please realize that many of us struggled with these same symptoms and found relief by following the protocol outlined in our files. Also please talk to your doctor if you are having severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

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