From Dawn Ryan Strohm and Doug Kaufmann

On the issues of SIBO! Fairly new diagnosis but the symptoms have been around for a long time. In the holistic community we have helped clients with symptoms like this for years, but SIBO is a fairly new medical diagnosis. Doug Kaufmann is connected with many medical doctors and he teaches at medical conferences so I asked this question, "Doug, many of our ladies are being diagnosed with SIBO. Do you have a word of wisdom for them?"

Here was his response (copy and paste)

“Yes, I've heard of SIBO, but only recently. Acronym's, I believe, represent the new way that pharmaceutical drugs are sold. Got a symptom? Your elbow hurts? Give it an acronym (MEH-my elbow hurts,) take an old arthritis drug that isn't selling well today and BINGO! Of course, antibiotics are flying off of the shelf for SIBO, but should they be?

In 2007, a respected medical journal (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) published this about SIBO. "Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), defined as excessive bacteria in the small intestine, remains a poorly understood disease." My take-use the word "disease" and it is a green light to prescribe drugs. Don't all of us have bacteria in our small intestine?

Now, back to this article..."The diagnosis of SIBO is controversial. There is substantial disagreement in the literature regarding which test is the most appropriate….Dawn, you and I know that if you don't know the "mycobiota" (fungal gut terrain as defined by Case Western's Dr Ghannoum,) you don't know gastroenterology! I believe we diagnosticians are, indeed, seeing excess organisms and since our doctors are improperly trained to differentiate between bacteria and fungus, they are diagnosing every case as SIBO, when most are likely SIFO (small intestinal fungal overgrowth). The danger lies in observing the effect and believing it is the cause. Antibiotics, which fuel fungal conditions, are now prescribed to 100% of SIBO sufferers, and then the head scratching begins as to why these patients have a difficult time healing from SIBO.”

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