Patient Experience of MRI With Contrast

Patient Experience of MRI with Contrast


Melisa Williams-Bailey

August 20, 2015

If you've had an MRI with contrast in the past, before doing another a 24 hour urine test for heavy metals that INCLUDES gadolinium...check out the group below. It is full of people with HEALTHY kidneys that have retained the contrast used, a heavy metal, called gadolinium...many companies make this contrast, Omniscan (the worst), and on and on BUT they are all made with GAD under different BRAND names...per Dr. Blias, the doctor in Canada who was like their surgeon general, who testified in the 90's on capital hill per my understanding, who now tests the explanted implants for women...if you HAVE BI or HAVE HAD BI...DO NOT GET A MRI WITH CONTRAST...he told me this personally...we already have some heavy metals in us due to the layman's terms GAD will jump out of it's chelated cage as it "likes" - the metals have an affinity for each other - and've got it in your body....GAD goes into the tissues, it goes into the bones...our BONES remodel themselves takes a whole 15 years to have a new your body is constantly releasing the GAD it's absorb from the bones...back into you tissue and blood...then you's a vicious cycle...DO NOT LISTEN to the doctors...they are flat stupid (some chose to turn a BLIND know it's true they've done it with implants...they do it with this) they are finding that GAD is being retained in the the GAD world it's referred to as GAD brain...brain fog is what it's call in the BI word...don't think it won't happen to will and happened to me....I was not warned by anyone and thus I had the ONE MRI, ONE...and retained it. I believe in a healing GOD...I will be healed and walk out of this...but I MUST speak up and warn others...DO NOT DO's not any safer than BI...and the fall out of it is MUCH makes BI fallout look like a walk in the the question you really want to risk it???

Check out this support group on FB Gadolinium-Induced Systemic Fibrosis

And this website for more info on Gadolinium Toxicity

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