More Bad News About Antibiotics

In 2018, the medical journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases published this quote on a type of antibiotic called fluoroquinolones (FQ). You know them as Cipro, Levaquid, Avelox, Noroxin and Floxin.

“In 2014, 31.5 million FQ prescriptions were dispensed; visits for genitourinary, respiratory, skin, and gastrointestinal conditions accounted for most FQ prescriptions. An estimated 7.9 million FQ prescriptions were for conditions where no antibiotics should be prescribed or for which FQ are not first-line recommended therapy…”

According to, last year, the FDA “updated a 2016 safety alert to say patient information it had identified, did not support reports that fluoroquinolones could cause aortic aneurysms or aortic dissection. However, the agency says the drugs are linked to a slew of other serious side effects, including abnormal heartbeat, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.” Really?

Now comes this study:

“In a study published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in partnership with the Provincial Health Services Authority’s (PHSA) Therapeutic Evaluation Unit found that current users of fluoroquinolone antibiotics, such as Ciprofloxacin or Cipro, face a 2.4 times greater risk of developing aortic and mitral regurgitation, where the blood back flows into the heart, compared to patients who take amoxicillin, a different type of antibiotic. The greatest risk is within 30 days of use.”

It has also been documented before that fluoroquinolones are associated with a risk of a recurrence of a type of infection known as clostridium difficile, or C. difficile, which is a bacterial infection that can sometimes cause life-threatening inflammation in the colon. This could easily become a book, rather than a blog, but you get my point. Fluoroquinolones seem to be a questionable way to get better!

Please review this article too. If you have taken fluoroquinolones and are experiencing health problems that may be related to them or are currently on them. Most importantly, ask yourself this question….”why am I getting every infection that comes along?”

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