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Dawn Strohm NHP


Our head admin, Dawn Ryan Strohm, is a Natural Holistic Practitioner with a degree from Kingdom College. She has worked for several years in Integrative Medical Clinics side by side with Integrative Medical doctors. She currently works for the television health show "Know the Cause" with Doug Kaufmann. Much of her knowledge base on the root cause of why implants make women ill is from research, her connection with Doug and the many doctors presented on the show, as well as her own healing from breast implant illness.

To bring the issue of breast implant illness to the forefront Dawn has done an interview for the TV show with Doug Kaufmann and Dr. Melmed, written blogs for various websites including "Know the Cause,” Explant Info and a wrote a chapter for the e-book Explantology. In addition, Dawn recently spoke at the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Conference to bring awareness to the integrative medical community regarding Biotoxin Illness as the root cause of Breast Implant Illness (November 2018.)

Dawn also has worked with ladies through this FB group since 2104 and has helped hundreds of ladies achieve wellness.

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Click here: Detox With Dawn - Breast Implant Illness 4 Step Detox Protocol

This page is run by wonderful admins who have been through the protocol and are able to help your continued wellness plan for the 4 Step Detox Protocol.


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