How To Order A Hair Mineral Test!

August 9, 2018


HOW TO ORDER A HAIR MINERAL TEST from TEI Labs through Dawn Ryan Strohm

We have tried very hard to be open and transparent regarding the process for Hair Mineral Testing. We do not hide anything about the process or the costs so please read the information below carefully. Please ASK, in advance of ordering, if something below is unclear or if you have any other questions. Thank you!


For those ordering their FIRST hair test:


The Initial Wellness Plan price is $255 ($245 + $10 processing fee*) and includes the following:


1. A 45 minute initial consult to get your health history and make sure all steps of the 4 step protocol are well understood. This gives Dawn a foundation to know your individual health history so that can be applied to your test results.


2. It also includes the cost of the hair test (performed by TEI Labs) plus another 45 minute consult with Dawn to review results of the test and to discuss the recommended general treatment plan. See below for more details on this. If you decide to follow the treatment plan, you will sign a “Wellness Contract” at this time for a 3 month period. Your detailed treatment plan will be written out and emailed to you. During the 3 months you will have three emails with Dawn to ask any questions you may have during this 3 month period of supplementation. These emails are considered to be similar to an “office visit.”


3. Recommended supplements, based on your test results, are NOT included in this initial cost.


[*The Processing/Shipping fee is added by Shopify. This what they charge Dawn to process the orders. They call it a Shipping fee even though nothing is actually shipped to you as your HTMA instructions will come by email. It really is a processing fee for the transaction but they do not list it that way. Please know that although this is listed as a “shipping fee” Dawn has actually lowered her cost for hair testing by $10 to accommodate this fee. Example: Initial Wellness plan is actually a $255 charge but Dawn has reduced it to $245. So $245 + $10 = the $255 total charge.

Your charge would have been $265 if she had not made his adjustment. This also applies to the repeat hair test.]


For those ordering a REPEAT hair test:

  1. The price is $160 ($150 + $10 processing fee*.)

  2. Price includes a 45 minute consult to review your results and to provide suggestions to “tweak” your previous treatment plan.

  3. Recommended supplements, based on your test results, are not included in this cost.


  1. Go to our Website and look for the ORDER HTMA tab at the top of the page.

  2. Click on “Order HTMA Here” to get to the ordering tabs on this page.

  3. Select either Initial Wellness Plan (for first time ordering) or HTMA (for repeat ordering.) Note: when ordering from a cell phone, the repeat HTMA order tab may not show up...but it does show up if using a computer.

  4. Click on Checkout which will take you to the payment page. Please use the EXACT same name to order the test as you are listed in our FB group.

  5. The instructions for cutting your hair and your HTMA Submittal Form will be sent to you by email. Watch for this email from Dawn usually within 2-3 days of ordering.

  6. If you have ordered and paid for the hair test but your financial situation changes and you cannot follow through with sending in your hair for testing or cannot follow through with having your initial consult with Dawn, please contact Dawn to explain your circumstances. This must be done within 30 days of ordering your test. If you have already sent in your hair or had your initial consult with Dawn or are over 30 days since ordering then no refunds can be offered.

When your email arrives:


1. Read through everything FIRST to be sure you understand the information.

2. The instructions for completing the form and for preparation/cutting of hair are very clear but if you have questions, post in the group and we can help you. Save this email in case you need to refer to it later for some reason.

3. You must send in enough hair or else your test will not be performed. See photo provided in your email. If in doubt, snip a little more hair.


Other tips:


~Remember when completing your HTMA Submittal Form to use the EXACT same name you use in our FB group. If you use a different name, there can be confusion when your results are sent to Dawn. Example: If Sue Anderson Jones is your FB name, Sue Jones or Susan Jones will not show up in our FB group. It can take time for us to search for you under a different name and thus delay your consult.


~If you have dyed hair, you can still do the test but must have a minimum of ten washings since your last color treatment. (See info on hair dyes at bottom of this page.)


Next steps:


~TEI Labs will notify Dawn when your results are completed. This takes “about” 2-3 weeks from the time the lab receives your hair.


~Dawn will post in the group and tag you when your results are available. She will post available times for your consult. Please watch for and sign up in this post. These consult times will be in CENTRAL TIME so adjust accordingly for your time zone. (Consults are not “usually” scheduled in the evenings. If working, some ladies will choose to schedule a consult during their lunch hour.) If it has been 3 weeks and you have not heard from Dawn about scheduling your consult, please email her so she can check with the lab about your test.


~During seasons when many hair tests have been ordered, the time to get a consult with Dawn may take longer than the usual 2-3 weeks. Please be patient. :-)


~The other admins in the FB group are not involved in the hair testing process other than to provide you with general information on the overall process as noted in this document. Please do not private message the admins or ask them in the group when your results will be available. All hair test info from the lab goes directly to Dawn and as mentioned above, she will post in the group when your results are available.


Day of Consult:


~Dawn will send you 1-2 page report by email of your hair test results about 30-60 minutes before your consult. This allows you time to review it and formulate questions to ask when she calls.


~Dawn will call you at the designated time at the phone number you provided when you ordered your test. Each consult takes about 45-50 minutes but sometimes they do run over. If she’s late to call you, please be patient.


~Dawn’s review of your results is VERY detailed so be prepared to take notes or else have someone else take notes so you can focus on listening. It is your responsibility to keep track of the details from the conversation. Many ladies will write directly on their hair test results so they have notes of what each area means and what was said regarding their specific results.


~During the consult Dawn will discuss a treatment plan with the general supplements she would recommend based on your results. There is NO obligation to follow her recommended treatment plan. If you decide not to follow the plan, you are still welcome in the group and will still have access to all the info in our group Files.


~If you decide that you desire to follow Dawn’s recommended plan, she will provide you with a “Wellness Plan” contract by email for services. This contract will provide some general information, the detailed list of mineral balancing supplements, the dosing schedule and the supplement cost for a 3-month period of time. This 3 month contract will also include three emails with Dawn to ask any questions you may have during this time frame. These emails are considered to be similar to an “office visit.” The Wellness Plan will need to be signed in order to initiate the contract. Once the contract is signed, the mineral balancing supplements will be ordered by Dawn directly from TEI Labs.


~The majority of supplements for mineral balancing will come through Dawn but in your contract she may suggest a few additional supplements which can be purchased on your own or through the Wellevate website. The Wellevate site is only available to our FB group members who live in the US and will automatically provide you with a discount as well as fresh supplements (that have not sat in a warehouse for months.) If not familiar with Wellevate, ask in the group and we can direct you to the website.


~Once the contract is signed, the mineral balancing supplements that you received through Dawn may be returned in unopened bottles within 30 days of purchase for credit. There will be shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Do not mark the bottles with pen/marker as they can not be returned. After 30 days no credit can be given.


~In general, the cost of the mineral balancing supplement can range from $150-$500 with the average being around $300 for a 3 month supply of supplements.


Treatment Plan:


Once you have signed your contract and are a client of Dawn’s, any questions about your specific Mineral Balancing protocol/Supplements should be asked in an email to Dawn at


The admins in the private Facebook group can answer questions regarding Step #1-3 of the protocol in the group and can answer general questions about Step #4, but if you are having any specific supplement or detox questions, reactions, et